The products caught by vessels of the SOFINAS fleets are managed in an orderly manner and with well defined procedures and instructions regarding hygiene, speed and cold chain.

In order to preserve the quality of its fishery products at the highest level, and to offer its customers safe products, SOFINAS is undergoing a process of quality control from the capture of the raw material to the shipment of the Final product .





Our commitment to quality:

On board vessels

A consistent and well-maintained team

Qualified staff well trained and aware

Permanent control during manufacturing

Continuous training of crews

Regular inspection of vessels and equipment

On shore

Strong commitment of Management

Greater control over the discharge

Regular inspection of vessels and equipment

ISO 22000

We are certified according to the ISO 22000 :2005 standard

SOFINAS is the first offshore fishing company to certifiy its vessels according to the international standard ISO 22000 :2005. Our fishery products (fish, cephalopods and shrimps) are handled on board freezer trawlers meeting the international standard ISO 22000 :2005 in terms of food safety.

Compliance with the international standard ISO 22000 is the result of a strong commitment by SOFINAS management at its highest level, and efforts exerted by company staff on board vessels and on shore.

As the first firm to adopt a quality approach on board its fishing vessels, which have been certified HACCP since 2011, SOFINAS has extended its food safety management system towards the international standard ISO 22000 :2005, in order to enhance customer satisfaction and continuously improve safety control and product quality.



Product meets NF V01-006: 2008 standard certified by AFNOR certification

SOFINAS takes no chances, to assure quality and continuity in our products, management has implemented a quality control system.
The HACCP plan has been assessed and found to meet the requirements of NF V01-006: 2008 by AFAQ AFNOR on 04/05/2011

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) employs preventative measures in food security.

HACCP is a way of working cleanly without compromising the quality of the product. This method is based on three ideas: identifying the hazard, the potential of hazardous situations and the implementation of corrective measures:


The SOFINAS traceability system is based on serial numbers. Once frozen, every box is allocated a serial number that is registered in an onboard database. This number is given to our office on land which enters it into a larger database. This ensures and aides in an efficient quality management system that facilitates internal audits, as well as external ones.