SOFINAS LTD. was founded in 1981,
its headquarters are in the fishing port of Agadir, Morocco.


Our activity is fishing on the high seas in the Moroccan Atlantic Ocean.

Our company owns ten freezer-trawlers, five crustacean trawlers and five cephalopod trawlers.

Our crustacean trawlers are:

Marina (SO 2501)

Larache (SO 2502)

Ichbilia (SO 2503)

Kortoba (SO 2504)

Tala 18 (SO 1708)

Our cephalopod trawlers are:

Amal (CO 6001)

Bahia III (CO 6004)

Martil (CO 6006)

Safi IV (CO 6008)

Tarfaya VI (CO 6009)

Our products are all wild. They are frozen and packaged on board our freezer-trawlers.
Our client base are both wholesalers and retailers in the Asian, European and Moroccan markets.

Discover our production


1. Trawling

2. Catch pulled in

3. Sorting

4. Preparation

5. Classification

6. Plastifying and placed on trays

7. Weighing

8. Freezing -40º C

9. Packaging and labeling

10. Put into hold

11. Unloading at dock

12. Transport and export